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New Choral Foundation

  • Diligence In every task at hand
  • Creativity A new way of choral music
  • Sharing Magical choral moments
  • Service A choral dream for the world

In 2000, Mr. Chu Yuan-lei, along with a group of idealistic and passionate friends, founded the New Choral Foundation, with the purpose of promoting and developing choral music in Taiwan. The Foundation’s guiding principles are life-long education, the promotion of choral performance, and the preservation of Taiwan’s choral history; that is, to continue mankind’s choral dream through cultural preservation.

Originating from an open attitude regarding various forms of music, the Foundation records history, promotes choral culture, establishes new ideas, and carries out a life-centered choral music approach, so as to increase the influence of choral music among people. Through choral music, we encourage the ability to listen to one’s inner voice and emphasize the need for harmony among individuals. This leads to an increase in musical attainment and the spiritual aspect of life. The beauty of choral music can inspire us all to more harmonious relationships with those around us.

Mr. Chu’s service as board of director for six years gave the Foundation a solid base and start. From there, cultivating the professional ability of the rising generation, as well as the recording of all aspects of choral history, have been our points of effort to allow life and music to connect. Our secret to continued success is our care for others and an attitude of giving. We hope to continue to establish ourselves in Taiwan, while at the same time connect with the world, through a sense of community and a vision of the future.

A website was created to allow information, talent, and artistic emotion to be shared. This way, we can influence each other and work toward a cross-boundary art service platform.

Creativity, sharing, and service—it’s about attitude, about perspective, about actuation, and is also the spirit of the Foundation.