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Partsongs by Holst

推薦者: 陳雲紅  撰文日期: 2021-06-13  出版社: hyperion  編號:
Partsongs by Holst 
合唱團:The Holst singers
指揮:Stephen Layton
這張專輯是由英國著名合唱指揮Stephen Layton指揮The Holst singers錄製的英國音樂家霍爾斯特 (1874-1934)創作的歌曲-partsongs。曲目如下:
1. Ave Maria H49 (Op 9b)
2. Of One That Is So Fair And Bright H130 (Op 34 No 3)
3. A Welcome Song (No 1 Of "Two Carols" H91)
4. Jesu, Thou The Virgin-Born (No 3 Of "Four Old English Carols" H82 Op 20b)
5. Terly, Terlow (No 2 Of "Two Carols" H91)
6. Lullay My Liking H129 (Op 34 No 2)
7. Bring Us In Good Ale H131 (Op 34 No 4)
8. Diverus And Lazarus H137
9. This Have I Done For My True Love H128 (Op 34 No 1)
Songs From "The Princess" H80 (Op 20a)
10. Sweet And Low
11. The Splendour Falls
12. Tears, Idle Tears
13. Swallow, Swallow
14. Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead H81
15. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal
16. Spiritual Pilgrim H188
17. Mae 'Nghariad I'n Fenws (No 9 Of "Twelve Welsh Folk Songs" H183)
Two Eastern Pictures H112
18. Spring
19. Summer
20. Light Leaves Whisper H20
21. In Youth Is Pleasure H76
Six Choral Folk Songs H136 (Op 36b)
22. The Song Of The Blacksmith
23. I Sow'd The Seeds Of Love
24. I Love My Love
25. Matthew, Mark And Luke And John
26. There Was A Tree
27. Swansea Town